Why Choose L&J Legacies?

Life is short. Who doesn’t want to spend less time working AND make more money?

Real estate is one of the greatest opportunities to build wealth by both saving money and creating passive income for years to come.

Many years ago, in search of financial freedom, I invested in real estate education. That knowledge allowed me to save money in taxes and reduce my debt. From there, I had the opportunity to invest that saved money into properties that could make ME money.

Fast forward to the present, and I’ve seen thousands of people in our network discover financial freedom by learning strategies and techniques of real estate investment.

Now, I’m excited to help YOU find financial freedoms and create legacies for your family’s future.


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What Our Clients Have to Say


“Lisa Keeps Me Going”

Lisa’s passion, knowledge, and thirst for continued growth and education speaks for itself. The fact that she chooses to help others reach their dreams by sharing and spreading her knowledge rather than just focusing on herself speaks volumes about the kind of person that she is.

Cynthia Cardenas

Lisa has helped me with the smallest of details…

Lisa has helped me with the smallest of details and questions, we have had plenty of fun along the way.  Trust is very important to me and that feeling was established very quickly in our friendship knowing she always has my best interest in mind.

Sam Cervantes

I Really Appreciate Working With Lisa…

I really appreciate having Lisa to work with. She is extremely easy to talk to and supportive when life makes keeping up with classes more challenging. The biggest impact Lisa has had on me is that she keeps me going.

Tacia Jencks

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