The Essentials Course

The Essentials course was developed to be the beginning of your journey in real estate investing.  It has the essentials that you need to better understand how to start your business, protect assets, learn about pricing your properties, and how to find off-market properties.

AIT (Advanced Courses)

These classes build upon the Essentials Course to guide you through your next steps in your real estate career. Learn about exit strategies, different types of sales, and best business practices to scale your business.

P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Course

This course was developed for someone who wants to start a business that may or may not involve real estate. Here you’ll learn tax strategies, how to start a business, create strategy and marketing plans, how to get on TV, Radio and other television events, engage in social selling, how to automate your business and how to frame your mindset for success.